Steffie Price

Based in New York City, Steffie shares captivating content about all things luxury fashion & handbags, best new beauty finds, life in NYC, and girl talk.

Olivia Jordan 

Former Miss USA now based in Tulsa, documenting her new chapter as a new mom & actress.

Nkenge Brown

NYC-based lifestyle creator who showcases her personal style, makeup looks, and her daily life.

Monica Vargas

Dallas-based beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content creator - a true girly-girl with a strong connection to her Latina roots

Brian Xu

NYC-based influencer sharing his life to 1.7M followers through humor, data, and trending topics. 

Breshell West

Breshell is the leading influencer in the North Dallas suburb of Frisco, with a monthly reach of over 1 million users on Instagram

Bailey Valente

Professional hair and makeup artist who shares honest product reviews, tutorials, and skincare routines.

Bailey Hawkins

Fashion & parenthood creator based in Tennessee, welcomed her baby boy Shep in 2022!

Amanda Talijan-Kakaviatos

A lifestyle creator known for her funny anecdotes as she navigates being a new mom.

Alyssa Goldwater

Body positive Jewish mom based in Chicago. Caretaker for her son with T1 Diabetes.

Allie Bennett

Creator of the popular treadmill strut who brings an element of fun and life to everything she does.

Alex George

Baker and home chef focusing on nostalgic recipes.

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Claire-Lise Greve

Dallas-based creator sharing fashion and beauty content post-grad.

Caroline Patterson

After getting her start on TikTok during her wedding season, Caroline has remained a big influence in the bridal & lifestyle space.


Known for her luxe handbag reviews, Celesta is known to her followers for her honest review of fashion, beauty & lifestyle brands

Cara Rose DiPietro

NYC-based lifestyle creator sharing her journey as an actresss making it NYC 

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Lacey Douthat 

Lacey is a lifestyle, attainable fashion, and family creator based in Tennessee. 

Kristy Lin

Vancouver based lifestyle creator sharing her life as she navigates her first job, her favorite k-beauty trends, travel and her love of food.

Kelly Gooch

NYC-based creator focusing on reviewing all kinds of cruelty free makeup and beauty products.

Karlie Place

Salt Lake City based creator, sharing content across travel, fashion, owning a business, and technology.

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Jordyn Woodruff

Jordyn Woodruff is a NYC lifestyle creator and co-host of the “Mean Girls” podcast. 

Jeffrey Huang

Boston-based creator, who loves everything and anything luxury. 

JC Dombrowski

Ivy League biologist and skincare enthusiast who loves diving into the science behind skincare.

Janelle Rupkalvis

Also known as your “travel BFF,” Janelle is a Seattle based creator who shares traveling tips & hacks

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Grace Wagner

Health based whole foods & movement for a happy life

ERika Fox

A foodie that loves finding the balance between healthy living and delicious meals

Dalton Smiley

Comedian and creator based in New Orleans

Clarence Angelo

Asian American creator whose content revolves around music, dance, Asian identity, & daily life

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Melinda Strauss

Jewish mother, sharing more about life as an Orthodox Jew in the modern world.

Marina McAvoy

Oregon Mom to 2 little boys. Shares workout content on IG stories, and her fitness journey over the last year. 

Mahna Ghafori

L.A.based travel photographer and sharing world travel, mindfulness practices, and life in SoCal.

Lani Baker 

Dallas-based creator sharing her love for fashion, travel, and home decor.

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